Want To Become A Flexible Lawyer

After a thorough evaluation of our options, we decided to partner with the market leading ‘Lawyers On Demand’ (LOD) to help us grow and manage this initiative. This solution is different from any existing service because it will provide a broader range of assignments, flowing from both DLA Piper (working as part of matter teams and filling excess client secondment needs) and LOD’s own corporate client roster, all managed by the same point of contact. This will provide flexible lawyers with a plentiful selection of attractive assignments, whilst minimising their administrative burden.

We have recently further extended our innovative collaboration with the launch of a flexible resourcing capability in Australia, enabling us to offer an enhanced service to clients.

Ana Simpson, In-House Counsel at DLA Piper, tells us about working with Lawyers on Demand (LOD). 

“I was a corporate junior associate before taking some time out to start a family. Although I enjoyed the buzz and adrenalin rush that came with completing a big deal, I knew I couldn’t go back to spending crazy hours working on big transaction after big transaction, whilst trying to juggle motherhood. I loved being a lawyer but life had drastically changed!

I had heard great things about LOD from friends and former colleagues looking for more flexibility and variety in their working life. I filled out the paperwork, passed the tests and joined LOD when I was ready. It was time to reclaim control over my career, take on a more flexible approach and make law work for me.

LOD discussed various assignments with me, but there was no pressure to say yes to a role that wouldn’t fit my objectives. The variety was impressive, and the team at LOD totally understood where I was coming from.

The DLA Piper assignment has been superb. It has offered the variety of work I have been looking for, with the bonus of meeting and working with some really great people. Due to the flexible hours I have time in the week to fit in a part-time masters – and, crucially, I get to spend time with the kids. It is such an empowering and healthy way to work, and I am excited about what the future holds for my career.”


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